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Team23 - Consulenze

Consulting for the Business

Team23 offers business consulting to improve business management and quality.


From over 20 years we can boast experience in Italy and Abroad, we’ve been working side by side with medium-small corporations and multinational companies. We integrate the consultancy, technical and organizational analysis, with a structure capable of supporting Customers in terms of security. Some of the services we offer:
- In house system configuration and maintaining;
- Provision of customized outsourcing and high-security services;
- Activation of protected communication networks
- High-level analysis and solutions with regard to data encryption and protection;
What Team 23 offers is a competent consulting service capable of putting forward efficient and effective solutions.

Business Plans

Team23 provides business plan consulting, focusing both on business management and extra company communication. Business plans summarize contents and features of the business project and help companies draw the guidelines for building the business; moreover, it is also essential to find potential lenders or investors.

Strategy and Placement
Business Plan
Management Structure
Funding Seeking

Project Management

The project is a limited effort in the creation of a product, a service or a unique and specific outcome. Team23 is able to prepare and realize projects, according to international standards set by the PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge), ensuring the best results in terms of deadline, cost and quality as established in the contract.

Business Coaching

Team23 offers training service to help companies improve their knowledge in new technologies and new means of communication. Our staff is able to plan specific courses for each sector and requirement, even at companies’ headquarters.

Business Management

Team23 helps companies and organizations to pursue the goals set in their business plans. Our team provides management consulting, thanks to ICT solutions in companies’ development processes.

Press Office

Team 23 also offers other services such as drafting press releases, using both traditional methods and new communication media. Moreover, it is able to build and manage PR: the aim is to communicate in a correct and clear way, so as to have the best visibility on each channel.

  • Press Release

    We serve press release for companies and events.

  • PR

    We build PR for our partner companies.

  • Online Reputation

    We take care of your brand reputation in digital channels and in the press.

  • Press release for events

    We organize events for the press.

  • Relations with the blogger

    We share business news through blogs.

  • Articles

    We write articles to promote your company on websites and by the press.