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Team23 - Sviluppo

High level software development

Our developers are at your total disposal to solve your problems and to project software solutions for you


CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Team23 can develop CRM software to plan and realize customer-oriented strategies. These kind of programs are useful for companies to manage customer relationships by the communication and integration between business processes. Therefore, the application of CRM software helps companies to keep in touch with customers and enter their information into company databases, in order to record and analyze them.


ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

Team23 is able to develop ERP management systems, integrating all business and production processes of a company, such as inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance, human resources and other company fields, based on customer needs.

ERP systems cover all the areas that can be automated and controlled within the enterprise, allowing users to work in a uniform and integrated context, regardless of the field of application.

POS (Point of Sale)

Team23 offers all its partner companies programs and terminals created for a more accurate point of sale’s management. This service allows companies to manage their points of sale and report their trends.


Team23 deals with the creation of websites based on specific customer needs and it is able to develop customized e-commerce websites or proprietary CMS. All websites created by our team are responsive, which means that they automatically fit the size of the screen and the device they are displayed on. Our staff is able to offer the ideal service for all business fields, from corporate sites to institutional sites.

Connected Apps

Team 23 is able to create customized apps to improve the way customers interact with companies. Mobile apps are successful means to ensure better customer management and to attract potential clients positively. Nowadays companies cannot do business without this way of interaction.

  • Web App

    Optimized Web Applications.

  • Native Apps

    Native apps are developed with the platform language (IOS or Android) and offer more reactivity.

  • Connected Apps

    Always connected to every system.

  • Design

    Modern design for a better user experience

  • Hybrid Apps

    Optimized websites embedded in native apps to offer more features.

  • Google Mobile

    Adw on Google and in Apps

Dedicated IT Projects

Team23 creates and manages custom IT projects in compliance with international standards, in order to guarantee its customers deadlines meeting, costs and quality.
We build software according to the guidelines and needs set by the contractor, in collaboration with qualified and competent staff.