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Team23 - Marketing

The best solutions

Our marketers are always ready to suggest the best marketing and communicative solutions.


Team23 can make customized marketing plans for companies, taking into account all the variables: product, price, sales points, promotion. After a careful market study, our team is able to organize and realize a process that leads businesses to succeed in their market, by building a proper pricing policy and a promotional process targeted to specific customers, so as companies can increase their market share and satisfy their customers.

Web Marketing

Team23 offers solutions for companies that look for visibility on the Internet. The market has changed with the spreading of new communication media, in fact, the customer uses the Internet and social media to find information on products and service to buy. Companies need to be easily found out from their target audience, so that they can improve their market share. Inbound marketing is the new frontier that aimed to make available and visible companies on new digital platforms.


Team23 provides SEO assistance to improve companies’ web visibility, and consequently, their competitiveness on the market. Thanks to our certified professionals, our staff is specialized also in paid advertising campaigns on search engines and on websites, through PPC campaigns with Google Adwords and Bing Ads. In addition, Team23 can provide reports with Analytics, so that companies can control results and improve their site's performance.

Google Adwords
Bing Ads
Google Analytics

Social Media

Team23 manages and creates business pages on all main social media, providing customized editorial plans based on customer needs. Our experts are also able to provide advice and consulting for ADV-paid campaigns aimed to effectively promote companies’ activities.

Content Management

Content is the heart of communication and is essential for good search engine optimization. Team23 is able to create and manage the editorial plan for each customer, writing blog articles, and improving content within websites also from a SEO point of view.

Seo Friendly
Attention to Details
High Quality Content