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Team23 - Design

Web Design

The success of a website is measured, among other things, by the rate of end user satisfaction. In fact, Team23 focuses on the creation of dedicated and user friendly layouts that can combine communicative and graphical needs of companies with the utmost ease of navigation for those who use the service, be it a website or an app.


User Friendly



Having a solid and effective brand is essential for a company.
For this reason, when our staff deals with the visual identity of an enterprise, every single design phase is handled with the utmost care: from the briefing with the customer to the market research, from the competitors’ analysis to the graphic realization of the contents and to the upload (or printing).

Visual Design

Considering the huge amount of visual (digital and not) materials that is spread every day, the creation of valiant contents that can emerge and stick is very important.
That's why our staff guarantee the creation of effective graphic and visual elements for each channel companies want to use, whether it's a brochure, a presentation, a social page or other.

Photography and Photo Editing

One of the most direct ways to show products/services is surely photography. In fact, through it the customer can directly see the object of his interest, thus photography transmits a sense of transparency and, consequently, of confidence.

In fact, Team23 devotes particular attention to the production of professional photo shoots, alongside the post-production service, with the aim of giving the right value to what companies do.

Shooting and editing

One of the most effective tools to display your company is definitely the use of video material. This means have huge narrative capabilities, in fact, it allows to achieve extremely effective and high - impact solutions.
Thanks to its storytelling ability, Team23 also offers this service, creating screenplays and storyboards designed to ensure end users’ maximum engagement.

Video Editing

Having regard to the high amount of multimedia content present on the world wide web, the right choice of the communication channel for your business is mandatory in order to attract (and maintain) the attention of the customer. For this reason, Team23 will help you to choose, plan and develop the most suitable video for your communication: animated graphic, motion graphic, motion tracking and still life with special effects.

Motion Tracking


Motion Graphic